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Welcome to Don Gooley Cadillac Inc

Don Gooley, sold automobiles for 17 years before buying his first dealership, but his road to inevitable success was still a tough one, When Don Gooley came home after four years in the Navy, he went looking to buy a new car. By the time he finished buying his car, he also had a job. Three months after he started his automobile career, the General Manager that had hired him fired him. He told Don that he would never make it in the car business and to "go sell shoes," When Don bought his own cadillac dealership, he never forgot what that old General Manager told him. Don made sure that he got one of his Grand Opening announcements.... along with a gift certificate for a new pair of shoes!  The successful entrepreneur has celebrated over 30 years of owning Don Gooley Cadillac.

The longevity of Don's success is rooted in the family atmosphere Don promotes with employees "I'm proud to say that I have employees who have been with me for 25 years," said Don. One of my sales consultants he has been with me over 18 years. I promote stability so that my customers see familiar, knowledgeable people every time they visit Don Gooley Cadillac. Don's daughter even worked in the family business-that is, until she delivered Don's newest grandson. His son, Jeff is currently the General Manager.


Don Gooley Cadillac proudly opened Michigan's first "Image 2000" Cadillac Dealership in the fall of 1999. Located in St. Clair Shores on Nine Mile only two blocks east of I-94, this concept dealership is one of only three currently operating in the United States.

The "Image 2000" dealer concept was created by designers at Cadillac to improve customer shopping satisfaction. It's more of an "up close and personal" kind of store. The idea is to make it more fun, comfortable and just plain easy for customers to buy the Cadillac of their dreams.

"Everyone should own a Cadillac at least once in their lives," Don Gooley says," and we make it easy to own one. We had a couple of people tell us that they swore someday they would own one. Well, glad we could help make their dream come true. So, if you ever wanted to own a Cadillac, we invite you to come and see our new dealership and check out all of our new and used Cadillacs. Who knows? We may have your dream car too.

"Just plain easy" also describes the reaction that Don Gooley got from the City of St. Clair Shores and Macomb County officials when we approached them about building his new dealership on 9 mile Road. "They couldn't have been nicer or more supportive of me." So, when I started looking for a place to move my dealership, it seemed like a natural choice for me to look in Macomb County first.

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